WHAT ARE HAIR EXTENSIONS?2018-07-01T08:00:49+00:00

This is adding hair to your own hair. Human hair extensions can be treated and styled exactly like your own hair, with good aftercare this allows the extensions to last longer whilst maintaining a seamless natural look.

HOW DO I CONTACT YOU?2018-07-01T07:59:49+00:00

You can email us at sales@sandybellahair.com. or call us at 1-619 456 5700.

WHERE DOES THE HAIR COME FROM?2018-07-01T08:01:54+00:00

Our Hair extensions are made with 100% Asian Remy Human Hair.

CAN I HEAT MY HAIR EXTENSIONS?2018-07-01T08:03:48+00:00

Yes, The human hair extensions can be heated up to 230 Degrees.

HOW DO I WEAR HAIR EXTENSIONS?2018-07-01T08:06:04+00:00

Hair extensions are completely do-it-yourself and can be applied in a matter of minutes.

THIS IS MY FIRST TIME. WHAT DO I DO?2018-07-01T08:08:58+00:00

Choose whether you want to apply them yourself or have a professional put them in. Choose the color that matches your own hair, a length.

CAN I BRUSH, CURL BLOW DRY AND WASHI IT?2018-07-01T08:11:51+00:00

Absolutely! This is your new hair. Curl it and have fun. Though you can wash everyday you will find that your extensions hair will stay clean and curled for days.

CAN HAIR EXTENSIONS BE COLORED?2018-07-01T08:14:53+00:00

Yes, the hair can be coloured. However, it is important that we state at this point, that once the hair has been coloured or treated by you or your hairdresser, we do not offer any warranty or guarantee over the hair or its quality. We will not accept any returns for hair which has been coloured, toned or silver shampoo has been used on.

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